Corrugated Board Manufacturing

The production site in Mayen has a high-speed corrugated board manufacturing line of the Italian BP Agnati in use. This manufacturing line has a working width of 2500mm and also the following specifications:

  • Quick paper type exchange due to automatic preparation of paper rolls
  • Sparing of the corrugated board in the unilateral due to a smaller wave-profile (big top and small, non cambered corrugated roll)
  • Different wave-profile combinations due to quick cassette-change-system
  • Low washboard effect due to precision lamination unit and rollerless heating unit
  • Change of format at manufacturingspeed of 300 m/min due to gapless technology
  • Clean edges due to razor-set technology lengthwise
  • Automatic application station for tear tape and adhesive tape
  • Fiducial control with pre-alignment (for pre-print)

At the location in Foehren we manufacture with a modern inline-lamination-line with a working width of 1650 mm. This line produces one-sided corrugated board and laminates offset printed sheets in one process. It is a joined installation of BP Agnati and the lamination specialist Stock. This machine which accomplishes very precise lamination even at high speed entails a fiducial control which makes the processing of pre-printed rolls possible. An application station for tear and adhesive tapes is also installed.