…the printing technique with the broad field of purpose.

During the direct flexoprint the cardboard sheet is directly printed on whereas during the preprint an already printed cover is glued atop the wave. The printing process of the direct print is very often combined with other process-steps within the whole manufacturing run. Especially for smaller to mid-size batches but also for larger batch sizes with multiple and hard-to-plan changes of products (e.g. sales campaigns) the direct flexoprint presents important advantages compared to the flexopreprint. These mostly present themselves in the form of reduced preliminary costs and a higher flexibility. For high-quality, reproducible prints most of our printing-machines are equipped with a vaccum transport in between the printing units as well as a chambered or negative doctor blade, ceramic anilox roller and a quick-change system for the anilox roller.

To achieve excellent printing results regarding flexography we use a 6-color-offline-print-machine by Cuir, a 5- and 7-color inline by Martin, which are both equipped with a drying-cycle after each printing unit. This allows us to achieve excellent printing results on coated paper even at high throughput rates.