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Just-in-time is not only a slogan for us - reliability and a high level of delivery service orientation distinguishes us. We deliver our products exactly how our customers require and on the agreed delivery date. In addition to our own fleet of vehicles, we have warehouse capacity of 25.000 pallets because packaging and displays require space that customers often times do not have.  



Vehicle fleet

Our own fleet of vehicles is the foundation of our delivery service. Our vehicle fleet is specialized on the “light-weight” that corrugated board is and consists of 27 trucks - from a 7,5- up to 40-tonner. This is what enables us to show the utmost speed, flexibility and reliability every day.
In the meantime we are running the first gigaliner with 25m length and deliver the same amount of goods for which we would usually need 1,5 trucks. This frees up space on the roads and reduces CO²- emissions. 


Brohl Wellpappe LKW Fuhrpark in Mayen

Distribution warehouses

Space for Ideas


Packaging and displays work wonders in terms of stability and weight, unfortunately not in terms of space. They need a lot of space, which a lot of customers simply do not have. Often times, only precise warehousing can achieve economical lot sizes, which is why we have established warehousing capabilities of 25.000 pallets in various locations. Two of which are our high-bay warehouse in Foehren and our distribution warehouse for beverage packaging in Wittlich.


We offer everything from the development of packaging and displays, manufacturing, and delivery as one-stop-shopping, so you can focus on your core business. Another one of our services is offered by our Co-Packing-Center: on an area of 1.800m² is where we make sure that your sales promotion will be easy to handle and successful at the POS.
We pick-and-pack your displays and develop product specific setup instructions. The easy and quick setup at the customer or at the retail store are ensured. Whether it is packaging in kits or dispatching as complete display units (including product placement) to the sales site - we are organizing the whole process on demand and are your full-service-partner.


Full Service und Co Packing für Displays bei Brohl Wellpappe in Niederzier

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