Our history

A 240-year-long history makes for a lot of storytelling: Let us walk you through how, over the timespan of more than two centuries, Brohl Wellpappe became the company it is today.


Historisches Wappen der Papiermacher

The beginnings

The genesis of the company dates back to the year 1717. It was then, that Johann Michael Strepp had leased the paper mill of Boisdorf. Strepp was the grandfather of Katharina Elisabeth Stress, the future wife of Wilhelm Boltersdorf.


The "Bleihütte"

Johann Michael Strepp buys the "Bleihütte" in Kreuzau, which was converted into a paper mill in 1659. 

Josef Boltersdorf Papiermacher in Kreuzau

Beginnings in Kreuzau

Wilhelm Boltersdorf marries Katharina Elisabeth Strepp. Through this, Wilhelm Boltersdorf joins the Kreuzau Mill of Tillmann Strepp, one of the oldest paper mills of the region around Dueren


For the next 140 years, the Family will remain paper makers in Kreuzau. Wilhelm Boltersdorf is followed by
Heinrich Boltersdorf (1782-1850)
Damian Boltersdorf (1815-1860)
Bernhard Boltersdorf (1847-1920)
and Josef Boltersdorf (1879-1952). 


Onwards to Brohl

In 1919, Josef Boltersdorf buys a paper plant in Brohl along the river Rhein. The plant had a long history of its own. It is in the same year that he sells the plant in Kreuzau. 

When paper shows a ripple effect

His son, Fritz Boltersdorf (1913-1989), launches the manufacturing and processing of corrugated board, taking the paramount step for today’s company.


A second location follows

A second location for the company is established in Ahrbrueck in 1957. A third paper machine is installed and a corrugated board factory is added in 1962. 


The expansion continues

Brohl Wellpappe acquires a small paper processing company in Fleisbach (belonging to today’s community Sinn, close to Herborn) which will be extended over the years to follow. 


Mosel calling

In 1962, a sales office specifically for the region of the river Mosel is established in Wittlich. To this day, this is where we mainly store wine and spirits packaging to be distributed within the entire region. 



More focus for more economic efficiency

For reasons of economic efficiency, the paper manufacturing is limited to Brohl and the manufacturing and processing of corrugated board in Ahrbrueck and Fleisbach. 



Mayen is the future

Due to a lack of extension possibilities in Ahrbrück, Fritz Boltersdorf purchases a property of 90.000m2 from the city of Mayen. At the age of 76, he passes away that same year. Parts of the production are transferred to this property from 1990 to 1991. Production is expanded here and an additional corrugated board machine is installed.

The name stays

In the year 1996, the family Boltersdorf makes the painful but necessary decision to seize manufacturing paper manufacturing after 218 years. The paper factory in Brohl is being closed in the same year. The name “Brohl Wellpappe” stays in effect to this day and pays tribute to the former, significant location. 


Brohl Wellpappe becomes international

A sales office is established in the dutch city of Nijmegen. 

We are betting all on Mayen

The plant Ahrbrueck is completely shifted to the Mayen location. On roughly 90.000 m² base area with office space and more than 34.000m² utilization space is where one of the most modern plants in the German industry of corrugated board is established. 


Extension brings diversification

In 2003, the renowned company Wellpappe Rheinland GmbH in Niederzier close to Juelich is acquired. They also look back on a long history, rich in tradition. Since the acquisition, the plant focuses on demanding punched products and high-quality flexographic printing and offset-lamination. Since the beginning of 2008, the business activities have been transferred to Brohl Wellpappe while the location stays active.



Own offset-printing

Brohl Wellpappe acquires the Emh Group in Trier and expands its product and production capabilities by adding offset printing and inline-lamitation, solid board processing, reprography, and production of printing plates.

Moving to Foehren

The operation from Trier moves into a brand new building of 22.000m² on an area of 62.000m² in Foehren. 


Luftaufnahme USP Display Dronten Brohl Wellpappe

Brohl Wellpappe keeps growing

Brohl Wellpappe acquires the majority share of the display specialist USP Display B.V. in Dronten, The Netherlands. 


8 Locations
620 Employees
23 Trainees
150 Mio € turnover / year