Printing Competence

We bring color to your business

Packaging plays a significant role for the presentation of your products. We are offering all relevant printing processes for each requirement. Whether high-quality flexographic print (pre or post), offset print or industrial digital print - we always have the most suitable solution, also for the following finishing. We have the understanding of being the service partner alongside our customer and have the latest technology, experience and the necessary know-how at our disposal.

Zwei Mitarbeiter prüfen Flexodirekt Druck in den modernen Produktionshallen in Mayen.

Flexographic print

With flexographic print, we are offering a diverse printing process with many advantages: during flexographic printing, the finished corrugated board sheet is being  printed on and in combination with other processing steps, it becomes highly economic.
In order to ensure high-quality, repeatable printing results, most of our printing machines use vacuum transportation in between the printing units, as well as chamber or negative blades, ceramic screen rolls, and quick-changing screen roll systems. 

For an excellent flexographic printing results we use a 6-color offset-printing machine by Cuir, a 6-color Masterflex HD in line with a Mastercut 2.1, as well as a 5 and 7-color inline-machine by Martin, which have a drying unit in between each printing unit. Our flexographic print is setting standards within our industry.

Offset Printing

This method usually has a sheet of paper or solid board being printed on an offset machine and laminates it subsequently onto an open or closed sheet of corrugated board before being processed further. Exceeding a certain batch size we combine the lamination process with the manufacturing of corrugated board on an inline-lamination machine. 

Offset-printing is always the better alternative when: 

  • the high requirements for the print can no longer be met by flexographic print. 
  • the total batch size is too small to offset the costs for reprography and plates for flexographic print. 
  • the consistency of the printing result is of highest priority.
Prüfung Offsetdruck der Firma Brohl Wellpappe am Standort Föhren bei Trier
Digitaldruckmaschine Brohl Wellpappe
Industrieller Digitaldruck für Verpackungen bei Brohl Wellpappe in Mayen

Industrial Digital-Print

At our location in Mayen is manufacturing on a single-pass digital printing machine, which makes us pioneers within our industry when it comes to digital printing. Digital printing offers our customers a multitude of advantages and opens the door to many different areas of application:


  • Higher Flexibility
  • Faster production times since no printing plates are needed
  • Smaller batch sizes possible even for motives of highest quality
  • Serialisation, e.g. sequential numbers or barcodes
  • Versioning, e.g. in different languages or regional promotions
  • Individualization of packaging, e.g. personalization

Multi pass digital printing

Whether it is small batch sizes, a prototype for a presentation or something similar, with the multi-pass digital printing method excellent results can be achieved on the actual material. Even other materials such as glass, metal, or plastic can be digitally printed on.

Digitaldruck von Verpackungen bei Brohl Wellpappe in Föhren
Veredelung für Verpackungen und Displays bei Brohl Wellpappe am Standort Föhren


On demand, we are offering finishings for packaging and displays with lacquers of UV- or water-basis. Matt surfaces, high-gloss motives or just the lacquering of single elements are possible. Haptic lacquers simulate difference surfaces such as leather or velvet. Packaging becomes tangible. In addition we also offer a combination of lacquers with matt-gloss-effects or softtouch. On demand technical lacquers, e.g. with anti-slip or fat- or water-resistant characteristics can be added. Metallic finishes such as hot and cold foil-embossing and foil lamination complete our portfolio.



Good preparation is (almost) everything

Being able to consistently provide excellent, repeatable printing results does not only require investments in the latest technology. Just as important, is a workflow-based preparation, a very close collaboration with suppliers for paper, ink, roller, and printing plates and the most important ingredient: the training and development of the employees. Our employees are “hungry” for excellent printing results.


Part of a good preparation for us is:

  • In-house digital pre-print for offset-, flexographic- and digital-print 
  • In-house offset printing plate manufacturing
  • Pre-print stage, CAD- and ERP-Systems are connected via workflow
  • Rapid Packaging Prototyping via virtual 3D-models and digitally printed mock-ups.
  • Digitally controlled ink-mixer and formulation
  • Ink and lacquer proofing by in-house laboratory
  • Proof printing of customer specific colors on in-house proofing press with original paper and within a standardized laboratory environment
  • Digital color proofing during production
Team der Druckvorstufe von Brohl Wellpappe in Föhren prüft Druckmuster