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Not only since yesterday

The wave of certifications has hit us rather early.
Our quality management system received its first certification as DIN EN ISO 9001 by the TÜV Rhineland already in 1994.


To secure our quality in the future, our lab is extensively equipped for various testing scenarios, even for dangerous goods. Testing capabilities include:

  • RCT (Ring Crush Test = Testing of raw paper stability)
  • CMT (Concora Medium Test = Testing of corrugating medium stability)
  • ECT (Edge Crush Test = Testing of edge crush resistance)
  • FCT (Flat Crush Test =  Testing of corrugated board stability)
  • BST (Berst Strength Test = Testing of bursting pressure resistance)
  • PET (Puncture Energy Test = Testing of puncture resistance)
  • BCT (Box Compression Test = Testing of box compression)
  • Drop test
  • Transport test
2 Mitarbeiter bei Qualitätsmanagement und Ausbildung im Prüflabor von Brohl WellpappeLabor von Brohl Wellpappe Mayen

Hygiene Management

We offer our customers a high level of safety when it comes to the hygiene and health compatibility of our packaging. Our “Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for Solid and Corrugated Board”-certification has been active since 2006. The manufacturing process is designed to comply with the market requirements for hygienic manufacturing. Another emphasis is placed on product safety, which is continuously improved. 

We would like to advise you about the proper use of our products and the national and international legal requirements.


Certification: ISO9001:2015



Cerfification ISO 50001



FSC® Certification 



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