Our technology


Our packagings and displays have to convince with functionality and economically. Part of this is product security, runability on packaging machines, transport efficiency, efficiency in terms of unpacking and shelving, as well as advertising impact and last but not least sustainability. In most cases it needs to be a combination of various requirements. By constantly focusing on updated machines and a modern plant layout, we are building a very important foundation for the fulfilment of these requirements.



Mitarbeiter von Brohl Wellpappe prüft Digitaldruck von Verpackungen
Wellpappen Anlage von Brohl Wellpappe in Mayen

Manufacturing corrugated board

At our location in Mayen we are running a high-speed corrugated board machine with a working length of 2500mm by the italian manufacturer BP Agnati. It convinces with the following features:

  • Quick grade changes by a partially automated preparation of rolls
  • Conversation of the flute paper in the one-sided machine through a small flute labyrinth (big upper and small lower corrugated roll, both without crowning)
  • Various flute combination by a quick cartridge changing system
  • Reduced washboard effect due to precision lamination unit and drumless heating plates
  • Clean cutting edges due to razor-set-technology along the lengthwise cutter
  • Automatic application station for tear and double-sided tape
  • Fiducial mark steering with pre-alignment (for preprint)

At our location in Foehren we have a modern inline laminating machine with a working of 1650mm. She is a joint-venture of BP Agnati and the laminating specialist Stock. This machine combines the manufacturing of one-sided corrugated board and laminating with offset printed sheets in one production step. It also includes fiducial mark steering in order for pre-printed drums to be processed, as well as an application station for tear and double-sided tape.



Inline Kaschieranlage für Verpackungen bei Brohl Welllpappe in Föhren


Our machinery at the four production locations Mayen, Foehren, Niederzier, and Fleisbach can process both corrugated and solid board and meets requirements well above the norm: 14 printing machines with a total of 52 flexographic and 9 offset printing units leave nothing to be desired. This is complemented by sheet laminators as well as a multi-pass digital printing machines.


  • 4 Inliner, 2 Slotter, 9 flattbed die-cutter and a boxmaker give our products their shape.
  • We close on 6 folding boxes glue machines, 3 display glue machines, 2 display glue tables, 2 shaping machines and a half-automatic sealing machine for large-size packaging. 


Mitarbeiter von Brohl Wellpappe in Mayen an der Flexodruck Maschine