Consulting & Innovation



Our work often begins long before we manufacture the first packaging. To ensure your 100% satisfaction, we not only invest in the latest technology, but also in our employees and in our service. In order for you to always receive the product that suits you best, is why the consultation is where it all begins. It does not matter whether you have questions regarding design, ink, or manufacturing techniques, our employees will take the time to work on a taylor-made solution.

Eingang Firma Brohl Wellpappe in Mayen Kontakt
Prozessoptimierung und Entwicklung von Verpackungen bei Brohl Welllpappe im Werk Mayen

Process optimization

From the very first idea until the delivered product, we are constantly working on providing the best to our customers. The start is a precise briefing in order for us to further analyse the process flow at our client and their customers, so that we can develop the best idea to bring value to our client and ultimately the consumer. Short: our innovative and creative development teams in our packaging and display departments are coming up with a multitude of ideas for you in cooperation with our packaging consultants. During this process, we make use of CAD-programs and other tools which are not necessarily the standard in our industry, for example BCT-Engine and our packaging database.

Design center

We have 17 designers working at our locations in Mayen, Foehren, and Niederzier, to design the best possible packagings and displays for our customers. Therefore the innovative and creative development teams in our packaging and display departments are coming up with a multitude of ideas in cooperation with our packaging consultants: from a first hand-drawn scribble, to virtual developments with 3D-illustrations and “white samples” all the way to digitally printed samples and final presentation - we provide advice to our customers along the way! As a next step we manufacture the developments using the latest technology in the packaging and display industry - continuously considering  the customer’s requirements of costs, marketing, logistics, and stability. 

Display Entwicklung und Design bei Brohl Wellpappe am Standort Niederzier
POS Lösungen von Brohl Wellpappe für den Handel

Packaging database

It is not necessary to invent the wheel twice, which is why we make use of a professional database for all our packaging ideas. Every single one of our developments is being categorized and catalogued and accessible to every developer and sales employee. In order to find solutions and alternatives for our clients, our employees can tap into a vast pool of already executed solutions and ideas that are yet to be implemented. The packaging database can significantly reduce the development process, thus speeding up the “time to market” for our customers. 

BCT Engine

To enable us to manufacture the most suitable packaging, our employees decide during the development process, which flute profiles and paper grade meet the stability requirements. Alongside years of experience and proofing possibilities in the laboratory, they also make use of the software “BCT-Engine” (BCT = Box Compression Text). BCT-Engine offers a very accurate and especially real-life oriented prediction of the stacking pressure resistance. The software uses neuronic networks to become a self-learning system. The prediction of the stacking pressure resistance relies on the combination of process information such as the utilized machine and the proportional pressure areas, but also a vast number of stacking pressure resistance tests our laboratory has conducted. 

Brohl Wellpappe Föhren Ausbildung Verpackung Kaschieranlage
Verpackungsentwicklung und Rapid Prototyping bei Brohl Wellpappe

Rapid Prototyping

Especially when manufacturing in large batch sizes, we have to know what the result will look like already in advance. In order to have a precise idea as soon as possible, we are using a method called “Rapid Prototyping”. It is the visualisation of packaging or display projects during the decision-making phase. We calculate 360° movable 3D-models by using white samples, CAD-constructions, and printing images. To have an even better sample of the project, we use digital printing and the actual paper in order to simulate the planned finishing and demonstrate the feel. (Examples: degree of lacquer gloss, relief lacquer, cold foil, or embossing with metal foils)
These technologies support us in avoiding possible mistakes in the finished products. By offering small batch sizes for fairs/exhibitions, fotoshootings, or sales meetings we are able to offer a full range of services and help our customers cut down time and cost during product development.