We have the right solution when you need your products to be displayed in the best and most effective way in a retail environment

Folding boxes

The classic within packaging. We hardly encounter any creative limits, due to the rotary cutting possibilities of our inline-machines - offering cut-outs, foldings and perforations for various functionalities. High-quality  printing, as well as finishes with UV-, soft touch, matt-, and other lacquers will turn the folding box into an attractive packaging for your product.


Wrap Around

The specialty of wrap around packaging is the cut-out being wrapped around the product during the packaging process. A wide variety of constructions are possible.

Shelf Ready

Shelf-Ready packagings are either single or multiple parts of packaging, designed for transport and, after opening, direct display in commercial shelves. Shelf-Ready packaging is easily opened through perforations or glue-points, but remain intact as a tray on the shelf. They are sturdy, simple, easy to handle and display the products neatly and structured at the POS.



Whether in supermarkets, discount retailers, or drugstores, depending on the product, trays can be the ideal 
Point-of-Sale solution: They present quick and simple availability on the shelf, are cost efficient, and easy to handle. In addition, trays offer excellent and diverse printing possibilities while still letting the products speak for themselves. 


Gift Packaging

Highly individualized packaging as an excellent way to present the product. Many times the product itself is visible in the packaging to increase the sales appeal.

Industrial Packaging

Taylor-made packaging solutions ensure secure transportation of your products. We can meet all requirements of industrial packaging (across all industries) with our extensive product portfolio.


Online-Packaging needs to offer a very high transport security while at the same time be easy to open for the customer and just as easy to close in case of a return. Enabling this can be e.g. perforations and glue strips which are added during the production of the packaging. We can also manufacture your packaging with individualized printing (digital print).




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Beverage packaging